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    M!lla from Italy


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    M!lla from Italy Empty M!lla from Italy

    Message  M!lla le Dim 5 Avr - 23:07

    Hi evr'rybody!
    Maybe someone of your already know me.. I' m M!lla, my long name is Camilla but... I'll don't say my age!! lol!
    I’m Italian..I was born in Naples , a beautiful city on a beautiful guelf but I moved in a city near Milan for my job some months ago .. I’m a consultant..
    I'm in love with drifting since I watched F&F Tokyo Drift almost 3 years ago...and together with my friends Yari and Marco we are administrators of DTi (Drift Team Italia)..
    I'm not a good drifter but just because I never train myself Razz
    Anyway..I adore to organize events and I'm judge for my team...
    Maybe.. that's all!
    Bye for now!

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    M!lla from Italy Empty Re: M!lla from Italy

    Message  loki le Lun 6 Avr - 0:03

    ciao m!lla Smile
    nice to see you here Wink

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    M!lla from Italy Empty Re: M!lla from Italy

    Message  Beber69 le Lun 6 Avr - 8:29

    Hi M!lla !!

    We are proud to count you in our members.
    Welcome here !!!!!!

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